Why Branding Matters?
Let us help others see who you really are and stand out in the crowd!
  • BE MEMORABLE – Strong identity design sticks in customers’ minds. After seeing it a couple times, it becomes instantly recognizable as yours, and familiar is comforting.
  • LOOK ESTABLISHED – As if you didn’t just arrive on the scene yesterday with a clip art logo hastily printed on perforated cards from your office inkjet.
  • CREATE DESIRE – Customers are drawn to attractiveness and a company who clearly gets them.
  • LOOK BIGGER – Elegantly designed materials and lovely printing convey that you’re prospering. Customers want to work with successful companies.
Our Logo Design Process

Our comprehensive logo design strategy ensures a perfectly crafted logo for your business.

Step 1

Creation of Goals

In order to design your business the perfect logo design that targets the correct market and broadcast the right message, we need a strong understanding of your business and its audience.
Step 2

Research & Discovery

This is where we will research and study your company, its history and competition, as well as the groups and individuals you aim to target.
Step 3

Idea & Design

This is typically a very organic process and can vary from project to project. Any idea that comes to mind will be sketched on paper to explore the full depth of potential ideas for the logo design.
Step 4


Once designs are ready to present, we will create a PDF document which will display the logo designs created.
Step 5


Once the designs are completed, and we are both happy with the final design work, we will prepare your new logo files for use on web and print.
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