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Do you have an appointment or reservation-based business? If you’re still making appointments for your clients and customers by phone, by hand or from an appointment book, that’s okay. Companies have been doing this for decades, and it seems to work well enough.

But what if you could save your office administrator time, while boosting your business? You’d want to do that, right?

The world has gone mobile, and people are using their smart phones and mobile devices to do everything – including making appointments. If you and your competitor are alike in most ways, but they offer mobile appointments/reservations and you don’t, well – there’s a pretty good chance that they are going to go with your competitor. People like the ease and convenience of being able to make a reservation on the go, without having to call and speak to someone, or stand around waiting for someone to look at a calendar.

According to a recent report, restaurants are getting 12% of their bookings online, and a third of that comes from mobile devices.

It isn’t just restaurants, either. Realtors, health related services, salons, and a huge selection of other industries are jumping on board, offering mobile appointments and reservations to their customers. It allows a person to take their schedule into their own hands, choosing and booking their own time. A person is much more likely to log in quickly to an app and make an appointment than they are to dial a number and spend five minutes or more on the phone, trying to book a reservation.

It’s all about ease and convenience.

By offering mobile reservations, you remove several obstacles – customers won’t have to spend time googling or looking up phone numbers, dialing, waiting for an answer, waiting on hold, having to find a quiet place to make the call, etc. It might not be a big deal to everyone, but some people really are that busy. Taking those obstacles out of booking an appointment will give you a distinct advantage to those people.

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