Creating a Great Mobile App Coupon For Your Customers

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One of the main reasons so many companies are choosing to offer apps is so they can promote and market their business to draw in more customers. One really great way to utilize your app for that is to offer coupons for your customers. Creative Bulldog gives you the capability to send coupons, push notifications, offers, rewards and incentives to your customers, to draw in and retain their business.

How do I get started?

It’s simple. Just visit Creative Bulldog and create your own mobile app, using our convenient DIY platform. You can customize it to include push notifications, so you can contact your customers to offer them the best deals.

What are some tips to create a great coupon?

First of all, make sure the coupon you offer has real value. Offer discounts (at least 10% or more) on items that are in high demand, that customers can’t get enough of. Make it worth their while to buy it, and make it a limited time deal, so that customers act quickly. If you make open-ended coupons, customers are more likely to plan to use it later, then forget all about it. The best way to ensure they use it right away is to either make it for a small, limited amount of time, OR to make the item in question in limited supply. If customers think they’ll run out of time, or miss out on an item that is flying off shelves, they’ll be more likely to buy right away.

Advertising is important, too. Just making a coupon isn’t enough. You’ll also want to have corresponding signs, ads in local periodicals, follow up emails, tweets and status updates, to remind customers to use those coupons.

Another great way to ensure you’re getting all the business you can is to use geo-fencing. It targets customers by their location, and you set it up to alert you when a customer is near your business (or whatever location you choose – maybe a competitor or related business). You can send them a push notification when they enter that area, with a special promotion or offer.

Make it app-exclusive.

A good way to ensure that customers who haven’t yet downloaded your app will do so, is to make certain coupons and reward systems exclusive to the app. You could advertise a certain deal for app-users, with an extra added incentive to those who sign up before the coupon expires. You could also offer reward/loyalty programs, where users can collect points or credits to apply towards future purchases.

Timing is important.

It all depends on what type of business you run. Monday mornings are good for libraries or salons, but not so much for bars or restaurants. Food service businesses might want to send a push notification coupon before lunch or dinner. Find the time that brings in the best business from your customers.

Customers love seasonal coupons and promotions. Design them to coincide with the holidays, or with the seasons.

It is also important to not be too heavy-handed with the promotions. Don’t send the coupon over and over, spamming your customer’s phone with reminders. If you send them too many emails or push notifications, you could lose their business. Keep regular communication, as it pertains to the type of goods and services you offer, but don’t overdo it.

If you haven’t already created an app with Creative Bulldog, contact us right now! We’ve got all the tools and resources you need to create an incredible app for your business, and we’ll help you create a great coupon to bring business your way.


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