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Creative Bulldog does more than simply offer easy to use, DIY apps at affordable prices (not to mention mobile-optimized websites)! We can actually put you in the driver’s seat, and allow YOU to form your own mobile app company!

Here’s how and why becoming a reseller is a great idea.

Mobile is the fastest growing industry, period. If you provide mobile solutions to your customers, you will ensure that you are entrenched in a growing market, offering your clients top of the line apps that will benefit their business. It will set you apart from your competition and add value to the services you already provide.

And adding some hefty revenue to your business, which is a win-win for everyone.

As a reseller, you can serve all kinds of businesses. Spas, restaurants, auto repair, entertainers, sports clubs, real estate agents, dentists and other health related services, lawyers, bars and clubs, hotels, and more. All of these industries are joining the ranks of companies who are utilizing apps and mobile websites. Be the FIRST to offer your clients an easy to use, mobile app that they can afford.

What does the reseller program entail?

As a reseller, you’ll have access to a great number of features and tools, all at your disposal to make your job easier. When you subscribe to our program, you’ll have access to:

- tools to preview apps and mobile sites
- business leads within the CRM
- mobile app sales and design training
- website templates with Creative Bulldog Web
- and much more

Most importantly, you’ll have access to our full white label reseller solution. Creative Bulldog offers a complete white label reseller solution for our clients, so you can build multiple apps per month for your customers. You will be able to up sell our apps, enabling you to make a large profit from your clients.

You will be able to offer your small business clients custom built apps that include all the features and functionality that they require of an app, at a fraction of the cost they would pay elsewhere.

Becoming a reseller can really pay off.

If you want to add revenue to your business, while being part of a rapidly growing industry, keeping your customers are at the forefront, and offering them affordable apps, Creative Bulldog Reseller Program is the right place for you.


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